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OB/GYN Services at SWLA

SWLA Center for Health for Services provides Obstetrics treatment of women before, during and after childbirth and by referral for qualified specialists for certain cases.

Our onsite OB services include performing check-ups and ultrasounds, as well as treating and monitoring high-risk pregnancies and complications. Our Gynecology services provide preventative check-ups along with diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the female reproductive system.

At SWLA, Center for Health Services, we understand the importance of patience, gentleness and counseling for all of our patients but particularly in caring for adolescents beginning gynecological care. We also show the same concern for our mature women in need of hormone replacement therapy or experiencing menopausal symptoms.



What will I learn from a childbirth class?

A childbirth class is a great way to prepare for labor and delivery. SWLA Center for Health Services offers its patients a prenatal class “The Baby Shower”. The class consists of lectures, discussions, and exercises, all led by a trained instructor.

While approaches vary, the goal is to provide you with information to prepare for childbirth, help you make informed decisions, and minimize your fears. You'll also learn techniques to help you relax and cope with labor.