Sponsor a Dental Visit

Many of our dental patients are uninsured or underinsured. Even with the benefit of the sliding fee discount program, many patients cannot afford to pay for services such as root canals or crowns. As a result, they have teeth that could be saved – pulled. Your generous donation will help SWLA’s patients get the services that they need to maintain oral health.

Poor oral health and hygiene affects overall health but also the ability to win employment.

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Sponsor a Gym Membership

SWLA is excited about the ability to offer our patients access to a full service gym. Because we want to ensure access for all patients, our fees are kept to a minimum. Low fees impact our ability to sustain the gym.

Your generous $15 donation to the gym will sponsor a patient for one month. A donation of $100 or more will assist us with the operations and programming of the gym.

Sponsor a Patient’s Medication

Prescription medicine can be expensive. Your generous donation to the pharmacy will provide a patient with a much needed prescription that they may not have otherwise been able to purchase.

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