doctor and patient

Adults receive quality primary and preventive care services from the Adult Medicine Department.



SWLA Center for Health Services offers family-centered pediatric services from birth through adolescence.

womens health

Women’s Health

SWLA Center for Health Services provides Obstetrics (OB) services for women before, during and after childbirth.

dental services


SWLA Center For Health Services creates a comfortable dental experience for the entire family.



SWLA Center for Health Services has full-service pharmacies at our Lake Charles and Lafayette sites.



SWLA Center for Health Services offers podiatry services to treat our patients, who are having problems with their feet.

I had an excellent dental experience at SWLA Center for Health Services in January. It gave me an affordable option to deal with my teeth.

Diane Pitre Trent Alexander, January 2021

I had an issue with the dental clinic at the Opelousas Street location in Lake Charles but Miss Dianna Ross, the director of community services, handled it right away and was so helpful. She contacted me personally and had my issue resolved in no time. I would highly recommend her to anyone with an issue with the clinic. She is amazing and super helpful. The lady’s that answer the phones are always super nice and helpful as well.

Tosha Murphy, December 8, 2020

Healow Telehealth by SWLA Center for Health Services

As a patient inside Healow, you will have the ability to engage in video consultations via telehealth with your provider(s). This includes real-time video and instant messaging features with the most advanced care management options available to community health centers.

SWLA Telehealth
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