SWLA Center For Health Services creates a comfortable dental experience for the entire family. State of the art equipment is utilized to ensure that our patients receive the best dental care. At SWLA Center for Health Services early detection and prevention are a top priority and regular cleaning appointments make it easier for our dentists to identify any potential trouble spots before they become painful or require significant restoration. The dental professionals at SWLA Center for Health Services look forward to serving you and your family. 

Our services include:

New Patients Exams

Routine Exams


Basic & Deep Cleaning 

Digital X-Rays

Inhalations Sedation (Laughing Gas) 


Children's Dentistry

Children have different dental needs, which may include dental sealants, fluoride applications or just simply education in oral hygiene through patient and parent education. Our goal is to provide an environment that supports children on the road to a healthy smile for life. 

Important Facts About Your Child's Oral Health

• Infants should start teething at 4-5 months. 
• Children’s first dental visit should be before the age of 1.
• By the age of 3, children should have a full set of primary teeth. 
• Children can expect to lose his/her first tooth by the age of 6.
• The earliest developmental stage of wisdom teeth are as early as age 10. 
• At age of 13, children should have all his/her permanent teeth in place.
• Children should have dental visits at least every 6 months.

Dental x-ray