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Welcome to SWLA Telehealth


As a patient inside Healow TeleVisits, you will have the ability to engage in video consultations via telehealth with your provider(s). This includes real-time video and instant messaging features with the most advanced care management options available to community health centers.


Televisits are compatible with laptops, tablets, IPads and all smart phones.

Your device must have a built-in camera with audio, video, data, and messaging capabilities. Before starting your Televisit, ensure that you are in a

private and quiet area with good internet connection.

  1. Patients will be able to participate in a telehealth visit with one of our providers from the comfort of their home.

  2. Patients will need to have a valid email address to register to participate in televisits.

  3. Patients will be provided with the attached Joining Telehealth Patient Intro Informational handout.

  4. Patients will be able to advance and same-day telehealth appointments online through Healow TeleVisits.

What steps do I take?

1. Complete Telehealth Registration

2. Call the Call Center and schedule your appointment for any of the following areas:
  - Adult Medicine
  - Pediatrics
  - Behavioral Health





Healow TeleVisits may be accessed through either a desktop or a mobile device. The latest versions of Chrome  and Mozilla Firefox are recommended.  ​We do not recommend Internet Explorer. ​ Patients may also download the Healow app to engage in video consultations.  

Smartphone and tablet devices that have video camera capabilities are acceptable to use for Healow TeleVisits.  Recommended devices include Apple iPad and iPhone IOS 6.0 or higher and Android Smartphones and tablets  4.1 or higher.